Estetica Institute is a Leader in South Florida Cosmetic Surgery


Estetica Institute is a Leader in South Florida Cosmetic Surgery

Patients at the Estetica Institute have a variety of options to look their very best.

Beauty is a lifelong pursuit. There are thousands of products on the market geared to helping people in that pursuit, and consumers spend millions. The Estetica Institute offers patients several surgical and non-surgical options to assist in that pursuit, helping the people of South Florida look their very best.

Non surgical options include Botox, injectable fillers, chemical peels, and a spa and salon that provide countless ways for both women and men to update and enhance their appearance.

For the patient who is interested in something more permanent, surgical options offer a way to recapture youth and achieve a dazzling new look. Dr. Greg DeLange has experience with a variety of procedures including breast augmentation, which is among the hottest procedures in the area. He can offer patients many options, and his experience has proven time and time again to get patients the look they desire.

The Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches is committed to helping patients across the area to the look they want. Each procedure is handles with the utmost care to meet the patient’s expectations, and each patient is treated with care by the area’s top cosmetic surgery team. South Florida is looking better and better thanks to the experience and skill of this group of cosmetic specialists.

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