beauty19Online reputation management for cosmetic surgeons is an essential component of marketing a med spa clinic. Beauty enhancement through the art of body sculpting is a growing industry and the competition for med spas and cosmetic surgeons working in progressive cities is steep. In Manhattan alone, there are thousands of practices providing laser skin resurfacing, liposuction, Botox, inject-able fillers and other age defying procedures. With thousands of med spas to choose from it is important that your practice has a positive reputation and an Internet profile reflective of success.

Patient experience and word of mouth reviews, when flattering are powerful marketing tools. Prospective patients are extremely influenced by what others have to share about their cosmetic surgery procedures. This is why if a negative comment should surface on the web it is important to address it immediately. As we all know, one simple post on Facebook or Twitter can spread viral in an instant. When comments are slanderous and defaming the consequence can be detrimental.

BeautySophia results driven reputation management campaigns remove bad reviews from Google searches. Its med spa clients and cosmetic surgeons are represented on the web as leading health and beauty clinics in their respective cities. To make sure your web profile and the reputation you worked hard to earn reflects success, contact our team to learn about results driven online reputation management service.

BeautySophia eliminates negative reviews and all forms of Internet propaganda from Google searches, to protect clients and ensure their profile reflects the true identity of their work.