Trends in Health & Beauty

BeautySophia at The Aesthetic Meeting 2015, Montreal

BeautySophia is attending The Asthetic Meeting 2015, Montreal this week at the Palais de Congres de Montreal. Cosmetic surgery and the art of body contouring is a progressive industry an innovations in medical procedures and age defying advancements are continuum. As...

Mobile Responsive Websites

Mobile friendly web design for med spas impacts rankings for Google Searches. Google has recently announced that it is ranking mobile responsive websites higher on their search engine than websites that are not auto configuring to smart phones and tablets. In today’s...

Websites that Reflect Market Trends

Internet marketing is an essential component of marketing a cosmetic surgery practice. State of the art web design for cosmetic surgery that reflects current market trends will captivate audiences and attract new patients. People seeking body contouring and beauty...

Seductive Imagery Captivating Design

Web design for cosmetic surgeons and organic search engine optimization bring medical spas revenue increasing results. How a cosmetic surgery practice is represented on the Internet will determine its success. The body sculpting clinics that invest in seductive web...

Internet Slander is a Serious Problem

Online reputation management for cosmetic surgeons is an essential component of marketing a med spa clinic. Beauty enhancement through the art of body sculpting is a growing industry and the competition for med spas and cosmetic surgeons working in progressive cities...

State of the Art Mobile Responsive Design

A state of the art cosmetic surgery website with multiple first place positions for popular searches brings great success. Is your clinic in first place for cosmetic surgery searches in the cities you serve? Is your website sophisticated and does it captivate and...

Obtain a Constant Influx of New Patients

Websites for Cosmetic Surgery in combination with organic search engine optimization bring clinics a constant influx of new patients. Internet marketing is a proven effective method of marketing the health and beauty industry. The cosmetic surgeons and med spa clinics...

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