George Magalios, Founder and President


George Magalios, the President of the company, founded BeautySophia with a vision of providing state-of-the-art marketing and design services to professionals and businesses in the health and beauty industries.

Beauty as a Business Philosophy

With Mr. Magalios’s background in art and semiotics, he envisioned a company dedicated to enhancing the experience of visiting a website and choosing a doctor or business for his or her beauty needs. While most design and marketing companies are based on a technical approach to SEO, web design and reputation management, BeautySophia offers a more sophisticated understanding of persuasion and seduction in its approaches to campaigns.

BeautySophia was founded as a fusion of three symbiotic elements of Mr. Magalios’s formation: fine art, philosophy and entrepreneurship. With his background as a visual artist, philosopher, and cultural analyst, Mr. Magalios integrates his experiences and expertise into Mediasophia‘s campaigns. Mr. Magalios is fluent in Greek, French and English. He explores hobbies as diverse as painting, photography, and cultural theory.

Academic Background

Mr. Magalios’ research into online business trends continues on a regular basis. He is also a contemporary culture critic who writes about fine art, film, and politics. Mr. Magalios graduated with a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from San Francisco State University and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Carnegie Mellon University. He speaks three languages and travels extensively in his research as a theorist and entrepreneur. His studies in philosophy continue and have lead to his conception of BeautySophia based on the ideals and the interdisciplinarity of Ancient Greek thought.


George Magalios is also president of The Magalios Foundation, an non-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarships for students in financial need. Scholarships from The Magalios Foundation are funded entirely from 10% of the profits from The Sophia Group.