TV Host Shows Beauty More Than Skin-Deep

While most people probably would not associate Hall of Fame broadcaster and pop culture icon Larry King with beauty, the pre-eminent interviewer has interviewed numerous Hollywood beauties, and has even had romantic relationships with a number of lovely ladies. King, who has had eight marriages over the years, once married a Playboy bunny, Alene Akins. King, who now hosts the In View series, dated actress Angie Dickinson, famous as the lead actress in the 1970s TV series “Police Woman,” in the 1980s. King briefly dated actress Deanna Lund, and was even engaged to her, in the 1990s. King’s current wife, his seventh, Shawn Southwick, is a former singer, actress and TV host.

Host has had Many Romantic Relationships

King likely has not won any beauty contests, and many people have parodied his appearance. The 79-year-old’s looks, including his trademark suspenders, have made him the butt of jokes for years. Still, the legendary radio and television broadcaster has managed to woo many ladies.