Our Philosophy

We love the creative process of developing websites that truly perform for our clients – and that is no accident. This may not sound like a mission statement to you, but for us it means the joy we experience in our work overflows into the lives of all we encounter. The words “joy” and “business” are not often found hand in hand, but at BeautySophia, it is our mission for each of us to be able to end each work day with a true sense of fulfillment – and that creates joy. Join our team and feel the difference.

We Love What We Do! How do we accomplish this?

We are very intentional about applying our philosophy to all our interactions. Foundationally, we believe that people matter more than “things” and these guiding principles set the tone for all our business dealings:

    Respect is a priority.

We believe from your first encounter with us, you will sense that BeautySophia is different. We maintain the highest standards of respect for each other and for our clients. Respect requires clear and timely communication. If we are confused about your goals, we miss our goal of exceeding your expectations and we don’t like disappointment.  So we make ourselves available and we make sure we understand each other.

   What we do matters. 

People need to know what they do counts. At BeautySophia, we know our work will be invaluable to you. Online marketing is paramount for any company seeking to grow their business.  Our creativity and marketing savvy will make your business grow. Your return on investing with us will be huge.  What we do is guaranteed to make you more successful and we have not failed one client yet.  That counts and being a part of it feels great!

   We are proud of our work.

It is important to us that we feel proud of how we spend our days. We put quality first so we are always proud of our work. If we are not proud of it, we don’t use it. If you are not proud of it, we don’t use it. Period.

   We help create real community and connection.

We never outsource. We don’t believe in saving money by using cheap labor. We give opportunities right here at home for individuals to earn a good living and develop careers within our own community. This promotes a true sense of camaraderie. That family-like environment is key to promoting creativity and the generation of ideas as well as a deeper sense of commitment not only to one another, but to our clients as well. So when you join the BeautySophia team, your success becomes our success.

   We provide opportunity for growth.

Humans are either growing or shrinking. Stagnation is not an option for us. The ever changing and fluid environment of online marketing presents a constant challenge to our team to keep up with the latest developments. But this also provides our team with the opportunity for growth as we increase our skills. We are dedicated to building our staff through continuous education that not only gives us a cutting edge but more important, the constant mastery of new techniques keeps us growing as individuals.

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Our Offices

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BeautySophia Offices

No Outsourcing!

At BeautySophia we execute all work in our offices and we never outsource to foreign countries! We maintain the highest possible quality standards and offer an exquisite level of commitment to our clientele by providing the best possible services. There are no shortcuts to success!

Cutting-Edge Technology!

We utilize the latest cutting-edge technologies and techniques in all our web designs, SEO campaigns, social media and online reputation management services. We stay ahead of the curve with a vast research & development team.

Exclusive Partnerships!

We do not take conflict of interest clientele. Once we sign on with you in your industry and market we will not cross-market with other companies. Each client is guaranteed exclusive ownership of keywords with our policy of exclusivity! We treat every client as a star no matter how big or small!

Promoting Philanthropy!

BeautySophia donates 10% of all profits to the Magalios Foundation scholarship fund which provides scholarships to students in financial need at places like Carnegie Mellon University. We believe in education and helping those less fortunate than others.

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