Plastic Surgery Has Become More Mainstream and Accepted Across Society


A fascination with beauty and celebrity culture has helped the cosmetic surgery industry grow despite the weak economy.

Over the last couple decades, a shift seemingly has taken place in public opinion and attitudes toward beauty and cosmetic surgery. More people now accept that their looks and self-esteem factor greatly into their quality of life than did a generation ago, and increasingly, people undergo cosmetic procedures and enhancements to improve their appearances and feel more confident. The producers of the In View series, an enlightening and far-reaching cable television series distributed across the United States, watch beauty trends and trends in other parts of American culture to identify noteworthy and significant stories to feature on the show. The In View show (561-279-3550) spotlights flourishing industries and companies throughout the American economy.

Cosmetic Surgery Industry Continues to Grow

As the American public spends more time and money on beauty each year, beauty-focused industries and companies have the potential for significant growth. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Americans spent roughly $11 billion on cosmetic procedures in 2012. In View hosted by Larry King features stories of business achievement, economic growth and business ingenuity from across the United States and Canada. Some people say that the American public’s fascination with entertainment and celebrity culture has contributed to the growth of the cosmetic surgery industry. Veteran entertainers who have managed to keep their youthful looks through surgical procedures and nonsurgical treatments have inspired regular men and women across America to get treatments like Botox injections and surgeries like facelifts to look more youthful themselves. The increased demand for plastic surgery procedures and treatments has led to robust and competitive markets in many cities and areas across the country.

The In View series hosted by Larry King looks at steps that successful entities in many industries have taken to increase their market shares and achieve their goals.